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& Style

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Regarding fashion and style, Kenn Shui looks at how you appear far more profoundly than just on the surface. Imagine being able to enhance your mood, gain respect, build confidence, have a healthier glow, and have more fun by choosing the right outfit, haircut, or beard style.   

In time, we will get expert advice on trending styles versus timeless looks. Color choices based on your psychological needs versus your likes and dislikes. We'll even discuss appropriate options based on the shape of your body or face.

Dress For Your Health

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In this section, I will dig deeper into the needs of people struggling with emotional and medical issues. Studies have shown how one dresses can improve the way one feels daily. Unfortunately, many people get in the habit of dressing the same way, having a limited color palette in their closets, or wearing clothes to hide their bodies. These issues are made worse by friends who are too afraid to be honest with them instead of helping them create a much more flattering look. Future interviews with experts in the field will help you make better decisions when shopping or chopping.

Dress For The Climate 

Kenn wearing a hat

Too many people are far more concerned with their appearance than keeping their bodies protected from the elements.” Kenn Cross

This section will accumulate expert opinions on the best fabrics to wear for the season while keeping stylish.

Kenn sitting on a bench next to a statue of a personKenn and Zoe on vacation

“It's fun to see the reaction when someone is pushed outside their comfort zone and discovers a new self-confidence.” Kenn Cross

If you have been dressing the same way for over a decade, it's time to revisit your personal style. One way to do this is to ask the experts at the places you shop or visit a store you've never been to.

Kenn posing in front of a building

Dressing For Location

Kenn sitting in a chair outsideKenn sitting on a rock overlooking a valley

Most of us wish we had the ideal wardrobe for every location or occasion. And then some people have plenty of choices but need help knowing what to wear for each situation. Our experts will consider this and help you become more comfortable with your decisions.

Dress For Success No Matter What You Do

a person riding a skateboard next to a blue car

One of my best lessons is to always dress your best because you never know who's watching you. I've repeated this lesson to friends, family, acquaintances, and even kids still in school. That doesn't mean you shouldn't wear sweatpants to the store. What it does mean is to make sure you are put together well. Looking disheveled sends the wrong message that you don't care about yourself.

dream daddy ken doll that look just like Kenn CrossKenn with a beardKenn in a sweaterKenn standing outside

Bad hair day? Wear a hat. Need more time to iron your shirt? Wear a jacket or sweater. ‍

Hairstyle is one of the best ways to express your personality and change your look. I've had short hair, long hair, and everything in between. I've taken suggestions from friends, hair stylists, barbers, and even the occasional clothing salesperson. I've tried styles I've seen on tv shows, movies, and even strangers on the street. And despite all that, I always look for the next and best “look.” There's always something new to discover about yourself.  

There is one thing that remains certain. Every hairstyle does not fit every person. That is when the professionals need to intervene. Some experts will tell you the best style and color based on your skin tone, the shape of your face, activity level, line of work, etc. These are the people to search out before making a significant change in your appearance.

In the side-by-side photos of the Dream Daddy Ken doll and the one of me in a grey t-shirt, I wonder if that is art imitating life or life imitating art 🤔  ‍ ‍


Here are some of the questions I'm most often asked about my approach to fashion and style.

How often do you change your style?

It's a constant learning curve for me as I age and my looks change. I like many styles, but I'm not particularly eager to follow any trend too closely.

Have you always had a good sense of style?

Absolutely not. As the years go on, I feel more comfortable experimenting and stretching outside my comfort zone. Fortunately, as an outsider, I have always been able to give others spot-on advice when asked. But, it takes digging deep within to find the best look on the outside.

Do you like to follow trends?

Not really. I take notice of trends but put my own spin on them to make them more “me.” Sometimes I drum up fashions from the past and reinvent them. I also get influenced by styles in other countries or climate zones.

Did your attire change when you lived in Italy?

Absolutely! I felt much more comfortable there because I could get really dressed up, every day, and feel like I fit in instead of feeling overdressed. It tends to be a little more casual in the United States — depending on where one lives.

Are you honest with people when they ask your opinion?

Most of the time, yes. I judge the person's motive and put weight on how well I know them. Sometimes people want a compliment and don't want to hear the truth. It's a shame because when someone finds the right look, they don't need all the compliments. They know they look good because they feel good. If it's a client, I'm always honest but kind.

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