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Escape the 'trend trap' in home design

July 4, 2023
 min read

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Hey there, adventurous reader! Looking to infuse your home with your unique style and shun the cliché interior designs? You're in the right place! Today, we're chatting about how to avoid design trends and embrace a personalized home design. Stick with me, and I promise you’ll walk away armed with all you need to make your home genuinely reflective of YOU.


In a world where trends come and go, personalizing your own home is the perfect way to ensure that your new house feels like a true sanctuary. By surrounding yourself with personalized home decor that showcases your life and style, you can create a space that makes you smile, brings warmth into your life, and reminds you of your favorite memories. Whether you're incorporating a favorite rug you purchased while on vacation, a timeless family heirloom, or even showcasing a one-of-a-kind piece of wall art, customizing your home decor is the ultimate expression of individuality.

Step off the Beaten Path: Embrace Unique Home Interiors

A room with a bold color scheme and unique furniture arrangement, showcasing an individualistic home design.

So, you've purchased a new house, and as you stroll through the model home, you're dazzled by all the fresh and trendy offerings - from the newest flooring to the most fashionable countertops and cabinets. And don't even get me started on those avant-garde paint treatments on the walls.

 A close-up of a unique countertop material, highlighting the texture and color.

But here's the rub – by the time your house is built, chances are those colors are going to be so overdone in the market because, you guessed it, they're trendy. Those countertops, those cabinets, that flooring – they’ll become so commonplace they’ll lose their charm.

Instead, why not try something unique? Yes, I know that's easy for me to say, being in the design business and all. But trust me when I say that customizing house decor to reflect your personality is far more rewarding than blindly following the trend caravan.

Make It Your Own: Personalized Home Decor & More

A custom kitchen showcasing unique cabinets and countertops.

Here's where it gets exciting. Choose those cabinets and countertops not because they are the latest trend, but because they make you happy every time you step into your kitchen. Perhaps you're a fan of a rustic style, with its warm woods and earthy tones, or maybe sleek modern lines and minimalist aesthetics are more your thing. There's no right or wrong here, just what feels right to you.

close up of a unique but tasteful piece of furniture or beautifully unique rug

It's not just about the stationary items though. Personalized home decor features can truly make a house a home. Take furniture and rugs, for instance - a necessary addition that not only helps personalize the scale of the home, but also presents an opportunity to showcase your personality. Picture this: a hand crafted cabinet made by a friend or family member, or a beautifully crafted and uniquely original area rug. Both are functional, but unmistakably your personality.

Showcasing Family Memories: The Power of the Gallery Wall

A beautifully arranged gallery wall featuring a mix of family photos and art prints, with a binding theme.

And while we're on the topic of personalized home design, let's not forget the power of a well-curated gallery wall. This is an amazing way to showcase your favorite photos, art prints, or even items collected while traveling.

A close-up shot of a single photo from the gallery wall, showcasing the personal story behind it.
A close-up shot of a single photo from the gallery wall, showcasing the personal story behind it.

The trick here is to select items that genuinely resonate with you. Maybe it's pictures from your a memorable vacation, a print of a painting you fell in love with at a local gallery, or a framed page from a book that changed your perspective. A gallery wall is a unique opportunity to surround yourself with images, objects, and memories that inspire you, make you feel good, and bring a smile to your face every time you see them. Since a wall like this can be quite busy, I suggest carefully placing it in your home in a much more personal area on a much less important wall.

The Perfect Way to Sweet Dreams: Personalized Bedroom Design

A bedroom featuring wall texture, wall art, and a unique color scheme.

When it comes to personalized home design, let's not forget about the bedroom. This room should be a sanctuary, a space where you can unwind, relax, and recharge after a long day. To make this room truly yours, consider customizing your bedroom decor.

A well-curated bedroom not only enhances your nightly rest, it also provides an inspiring start to your day. Plus, if you work from home, incorporating your unique style into your office space can boost productivity and job satisfaction.

Creating A Unique Home: Remember, It's All About You

A homeowner happily arranging personalized home decor items.

At the end of the day, remember that personalizing your home is about creating a space that reflects you. So, don't be afraid to incorporate your unique style into your home design. Whether it's displaying family photos, incorporating your favorite colors, or even hanging an image of a beloved place, these are all ways to make your home truly feel like it belongs to you.

A customized piece of art hanging on a wall.

In today's world, where online shopping has made a multitude of options available at our fingertips, it's easy to find pieces that speak to you. So go on, have fun with it, create your sanctuary, and remember - there's no place like your own home.

Now that we've explored some ways to avoid design trends and personalize your home design, it's time to put this newfound knowledge to use. Start small, maybe with a single room or just a corner of your living space. Experiment with different elements and see what resonates with you. Remember, this is YOUR home, so have fun with it!

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FAQ Summary

How can I avoid design trends and personalize my home design?

Start by selecting unique cabinets and countertops that align with your aesthetic preferences. Explore alternative flooring options beyond standard carpeting or hardwood. Consider innovative paint treatments to add a personal touch to your walls.

What if I'm not sure about my style?

That's okay! Experimenting with different styles and elements in smaller spaces can help you discover what resonates with you. Remember, it's your home, and it should reflect your unique personality.

How can I incorporate my personal style into my bedroom?

Personalizing your bedroom can be as simple as choosing bedding in your favorite colors or patterns, creating custom pillows, featuring images or quotes you love or even commissioning a wall mural of a cityscape or scene that resonates with you. Remember, your bedroom should be a sanctuary, so choose elements that promote relaxation and happiness.

What can I display on a gallery wall to personalize my space?

A gallery wall is a perfect way to showcase favorite photos, art prints, and small mementos curated objects. The trick is to select items that genuinely resonate with you. This could be pictures from your travels, a print of a painting you love, or even a framed page from a book that's significant to you.

How can I ensure that the decor I choose for my home won't become quickly outdated?

The key to timeless decor is choosing pieces that mean something to you personally, rather than simply following trends. Choose furniture, art, and decorative items that you love and that reflect your style and personality. By doing so, even as trends come and go, your home will remain a true reflection of you.